“The Re-Creation training, from some of the best musicians, dancers and vocal teachers in the business, has helped me grow so much!  Re-Creation gives you the exact training that you will need in order to have a successful audition for a theme park, cruise line, or entertainment company.


(RC 38) Disney World Theme Parks, National Tours, Dorney Park, Holland America Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Line

“A priceless experience that changed my life!   I am now living my dream!   I owe my success to Re-Creation!”


(RC 36, 37) Busch Gardens Tampa, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, Cat’s Pajamas, Rockapella

“I earned my BA in Vocal Performance and immediately began hitting open calls at theme parks and cruise ships.  Things were not as glorifying as I had anticipated and not one callback to my name.  Re-Creation improved my vocals, performance and confidence!  I couldn’t have made a better decision! The personal training and feedback is unparalleled and I’m all the better for embarking on that journey.  I’m traveling the world and am performing for countless people!  Do not underestimate this experience!”


(RC 35, 36) Dollywood, Hersheypark, Carnival Cruise Lines

“Not only did I get the chance to perform for thousands of people in exciting shows and better myself as a performer, I got a chance to learn all aspects of the business. With Re-Creation you learn to set up your own equipment, maintain costumes and props, deal with clients, problem solve on the run, and everything else that makes a show happen. You don’t get an opportunity like this anywhere!”


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