members of Re-Creation  . . .

Perform more than 300 shows a year all across our nation!

Receive free training  in voice, dance and presentation!

Present commercial, service and church programs!

Travel free to America’s most exciting cities and attractions!

Work with theatrical professionals in all areas of Entertainment!

Experience true, top-of-the-line studio work in Audio Recording!

Gain invaluable expertise  in state-of-the-art Video Recording!

Grow from a professional stage legacy of over 40 years of service

to America's Hospitalized Veterans in national VA tours!


. . . the results speak for themselves.  As primarily a dancer who sings, my casting had been limited.  But now I’m enjoying roles on national tours and parks where my voice is as featured as my dancing!  The kind of personal attention you get in Re-Creation is rare in this business.  I am so grateful.”



National Tours,

Disney Parks, Dorney Park

Re-Creation USA

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Re-Creation  Cast Members . . .

Receive free individual and group vocal instruction in all styes of music!

Work with seasoned professionals in jazz, hip-hop, ballet and contemporary dance!

Drill stage technique, performance speech and proper public-relations in all areas!

Feature original costuming, scene design, lighting and state-of-the-art sound!

Train vocally in pop and rock styles for the Re-Creation variety show!

Hone a more legit, broadway-type sound for the Re-Creation Gospel program!

Have the unprecedented  opportunity to record two full-length CD projects!

Experience the visual side of entertainment as they record two DVD projects!


“After intense, classical vocal training  in college, I was still ill-prepared for commercial auditions. My two tours in Re-Creation were life-changing!   I developed the sound, style and dance moves I needed and the ‘pop’ industry craved.   Do not underestimate the training! “



Dollywood, Hersheypark, Carnival Cruise Lines

Members of Re-Creation . . .

Have performed on Broadway, National Tours, Television, The Miss America Pageant,

in Disney World Parks, Busch Gardens, King’s Dominion, King’s Island, Dollywood, Hersheypark, Opryland, The General Jackson Showboat, Sight & Sound Theaters

and in numerous other theme parks and dance companies nation-wide!

Performed for Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines!

Have performed internationally…all over the world!

Have continued their academic education while on tour!

Polish invaluable life skills, marketability and job training!




“I came to Re-Creation as a college-grad athlete with no formal training and no musical background.  Seriously.   Now  I am living the dream and performing for countless people!  I learned in athletics, life and now the arts that if you want success, you have to learn from the best!   I owe my success to the training

I received in Re-Creation!”



Busch Gardens, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines

Members of Re-Creation . . .

Commit one full-year to the program and sing more than 300 shows in that year!

Receive free training and travel with 4 distinct programs...Variety, Gospel, Christmas & Pop!

Serve America as they sing in VA Hospitals across the country!

Are federally-recognized volunteers who receive a weekly stipend to help cover expenses!

Do NOT have to raise community support, as some other tours require!

Are at least 18 years of age and may be in any stage of their education.

May defer college loans and/or earn college credit for their performance tours!

Live in central Pennsylvania at Re-Creation's dorm/studio facility when not touring.

Thrill to the great cities and sights of America...mostly free of charge!

Enjoy periodic vacations and days off/breaks/personal time!

the fine print . . .