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Re-Creation friends and interested individuals joined together in 1987 to form F.O.R-C.E.S. Friends of Re-Creation Extending Service. F.O.R-C.E.S. members contribute $1.00 a day, or $360.00 per year to Re-Creation. That money is kept in a separate account and is not used for general Re-Creation operating expenses, but is distributed directly to the members of the group to help them offset the expenses of a year-long mission tour. Re-Creation performers are bright, dedicated young professionals who feel a call to travel this country in service to our veterans. And while they know they will not be “paid” for their work, F.O.R-C.E.S. contributions are crucial to their being able to “give up” a year of their lives in service to others.

“Many of my friends went directly into the job market after college. I would have had to as well, considering my loans and all. But I also knew that Re-Creation’s work in the VA Medical Centers was something I truly wanted to experience and be a part of. I’m so grateful to the F.O.R-C.E.S. members for their loyal support. They’ve provided the only means for me to be able to work, serve, and fulfill a dream!”


Karen Henry Godissart

(Re-Creation 22, 23, 24)

Re-Creation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Help support in the national tours to hospitalized veterans.