All Re-Creation cast members are VOLUNTEERS!

“Many of my friends went directly into the job market after college. I would have had to as well, considering my loans and all. But I also knew that Re-Creation’s work in the VA Medical Centers was something I truly wanted to experience and be a part of. I’m so grateful to the F.O.R-C.E.S. members for their loyal support. They’ve provided the only means for me to be able to work, serve, and fulfill a dream!”

Karen Henry Godissart

(Re-Creation 22, 23, 24)

F.O.R-C.E.S. (Friends of Re-Creation Extending Service) members contribute $1.00 a day, or $365.00 per year to Re-Creation. That money is kept in a separate account and is not used for general Re-Creation operating expenses, but is distributed directly to the members of the group to help them offset the expenses of a year-long mission tour.  Re-Creation performers are bright, dedicated young professionals who feel a call to travel this country in service to our veterans. 

And while they know they will not be paid for their work, they must survive on the road for an entire year.  F.O.R-C.E.S. contributions are crucial to your young ambassadors being able to give up a year of their lives to the mission of giving honor, tribute, healing and restoration to our hospitalized veterans.

Consider joining F.O.R-C.E.S. with Re-Creation!  Equip the mission!

Re-Creation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.
Re-Creation is registered with the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations.
Re-Creation submits to annual audits.

F.O.R-C.E.S. Membership